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              Private Boating & Fly Fishing Resources
              [western river permits][ [rivergeek fly fishing] [txrivers.org] [friends of the brazos.org]

              Welcome to

              For most of my life I have canoed, kayaked, rafted and fished rivers west of the Mississippi. Ever inspired by Edward Abbey, one of my passions is rowing boats on non-commercial, shared expense trips thru the Grand Canyon and other multi-day river trips in the Rocky Mountain West that require permits obtained thru special lottery applications. Western river permits also allow me to pursue another favorite pastime, fly fishing... far away from other anglers and closer to 'uneducated' trout.

              The Texas Rivers Protection Association (txrivers.org) is concerned about the quality of and access to Texas' wonderful streams and we invite you to join our efforts.

              Friends of the Brazos River (friendsofthebrazos.org) seeks your support to return a sound ecological environment to the Brazos River west of DFW.

              Texas Stream Team is made up of volunteer monitors who test Texas stream, river and lake water quality.

              Trout Unlimited's mission is to conserve, protect, and restore North America's trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds for the benefit of future generations. Guadalupe River Chapter of TU supports the Guadalupe River tailwaters fishery near New Braunfels and is the southernmost freshwater trout fishery in the US. With 4000 members throughout Texas, the Guadalupe River Chapter is the largest local chapter of TU.

              Email the rivergeek

              Some special interest links:

              Big Bend Daily Report

              Texas Rivers Protection Association

              Friends of the Brazos River

              Western River Permit Information

              Texas Land Conservancy

              Far Flung Adventures - Taos, NM

              Fromholz River Music, from "A Guest in Your Heart"

              Far Flung Outdoor Center - Terlingua, TX

              Little Missouri Fly Fishing (AR)

              Trout Unlimited - Guadalupe River Chapter

              Wilderness Medicine Institute / NOLS

              Wilderness First Responder Certification

              Whitewater Campsites

              River Trader Yahoo! Group

              Texas Master Naturalist, NTX Chapter

              Texas Stream Team


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